These policies cover the Web of with address in George Town KY1
KY1-9003 Cayman Islands.
These policies describe:

• The existence of the file, registry, database or database, electronic or of any other type in question and the identity and address of the person in charge.

• What are the data collected, how they are used and the purpose for which they will be treated.

• Who can be your recipients or categories of recipients.

• The mandatory or optional nature of the answer to the questions asked.

• The consequences derived from providing the data, the refusal to do so or the inaccuracy of the data.

• What are the options offered by CaymanPPP Corporation in terms of the power and way of exercising access rights,
rectification, updating and deletion of data.


Data collection is done to improve the services offered by CaymanPPP Corporation.

Data about the device

We may collect specific data about your device (such as the device model, the operating system version,
 unique identifiers and data on the mobile network).

Data about your physical location

When using a CaymanPPP Corporation digital asset that can register your physical location,
We will be able to carry out the collection and processing of data about your real location such as,
for example, GPS signals sent by a mobile device.
We may also use different technologies to determine the location, such as the data from the device sensors they provide,
for example, information about Wi-Fi access points and the nearest mobile phone antennas.

Cookies and anonymous identifiers

We use different technologies to collect and store data when you access a CaymanPPP Corporation service,
including sending one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers to your device.


The data collected through public contact forms may be used to:

• Satisfy and optimize the services requested and provided by CaymanPPP Corporation.

• Offer relevant information to users.

• Other potential services that can be added.

• Customize the content viewed by the user.

• Obtain usage metrics and service levels at CaymanPPP Corporation.

CaymanPPP Corporation will make every effort to ensure the confidentiality of the requested personal information,
and of those other data that require it, trying that third parties outside it cannot access it.

Personal information will not be sold or transferred to other organizations, and will not be delivered to advertising companies.


By providing our services, we will protect the data by ensuring that they cannot be accidentally or intentionally deleted.
For this reason, even if the user deletes their data from our services, we may not immediately destroy the copies.
residuals stored in our active servers nor the data stored in our security systems.
Regardless of deleting your Account, transactions or transactions between the user and CaymanPPP Corporation will not be deleted.

It is important to note that it is the users who guarantee and respond, in any case, for the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and authenticity
of the personal information provided, and undertake to keep it duly updated.


CaymanPPP Corporation will maintain absolute confidentiality of personal data.

We strive to protect our users against any unauthorized modification, disclosure or destruction of data.
that we keep or against unauthorized access to them. In particular:

We encrypt many of our services using the SSL protocol whenever available.

We review our policy regarding data collection, storage and processing, including physical security measures,
to prevent unauthorized access to our systems.

We limit the access of some CaymanPPP Corporation contractors, agents and employees to personal information that they must process for
CaymanPPP Corporation, and we ensure that they comply with the strict contractual confidentiality obligations and that they are
subject to the relevant disciplinary conditions or dismissal if they fail to meet those obligations.

Liability for outside causes:

In no case, CaymanPPP Corporation will be liable for any damages, including, without limitation, damages, losses or direct, indirect expenses,
inherent or consequential, arising in connection with the use of CaymanPPP C digital assets