Example of transactions made by our company

A typical scenario for a private sales program
The merchant's bank communicates with the issuing bank and with the exit,
the Buyer's Bank, obtaining a detailed agreement with the Issuing Bank Official and with the
from the Buyer's Bank that both are prepared to begin the contracted series of
The outlet buyer's bank forwards a POF to the dealer's bank for
first purchase amount of $ 100M (Note - When a POF has been issued for Exit
Buyer and sent to the merchant's bank, there is a legal financing commitment to
complete that transaction, which can NOT be revoked while the transaction is in progress.)

The merchant's bank forwards a POF to the issuing bank on behalf of the merchant and
requests that an MTN be issued in the merchant's name, along with an invoice in a
discounted price, say for example only $ 97M, payable in 8 hours.

A copy of the Note and a $ 97 million invoice are sent to the merchant's Bank, which
Authenticate signatures and MTN terms to verify purchase compliance.

The Merchant's Bank then forwards the copy of the MTN, along with a Conditional
Assignment of the MTN to the Outbound Buyer's Bank, along with an Outbound Invoice
Buyer's purchase contract price, $ 100 million for example, payable in 4 hours.
The buyer's bank authenticates the signatures, verifies compliance with the PPP purchase
, and pays the $ 100 million invoice price to the merchant's bank for the merchant's credit
counts, within the 4 hour limit.

Nuetro Trader Bancario pays the issuing bank bill for $ 97 million within the 8-hour limit, along with
instructions for the original MTN to be sent to the buyer's bank.

The merchant's bank charges the merchant a bank fee (1/4% for example) for
their services provided and forward the balance, $ 100M minus $ 97M minus 1/4%, to the merchant, who pays the merchant's 'associate' for the service provided.

The procedure used for this example generally takes place 4 times a day from a 4
weekly business days, and is repeated until the Merchant Purchase Agreement is completed. Using
this formula, the weekly payments to the 'Associate', would be equivalent to 22% of their POF
quantity. (3% per transaction x 4 per day x 4 days per week = 48% - 4% as bank commission =
44% / 2 = 22% = $ 22M per week)

Note: The operation described above is very conservative. There are other MTNs
Commercial operations, from the same MTN base but which implies a resale of the MTN by
'Buyer Out', which have a higher rate of return for the merchant involved, and therefore
an even higher payment to the 'Associate' involved.

An experienced Associate can safely affirm this with the procedure and controls listed for
Transactions, the only reason why a Transaction fails, once started, would be
for the Outgoing Buyer's Bank to default when completing a contracted purchase of a Bond,
which would result in a risk for your Bank Letter.
In the event of any default, it would be fairly simple for the merchant to make
Request for the required Payment, using your own Funds, to complete the purchase of the Instrument,
and immediately sell it to a different contracted Outlet Buyer. This merchant action
eliminates any risk of loss by Outbound and Associate Buyers and Buyers

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