The investments of large corporations within the reach of private investors

Cayman PPP Corporation

Yields: 36% monthly average

Strong capitalization in a short period

Guaranteed with funds in AAA Regulated Banks, Located in Cayman Islands

Products: Financial Instruments Trading (PPP).

Investments from 127 dollars, payment for referrals of 7% of the amount invested by your guests


Cayman Corporation has launched its own electronic currency called Cayman Coin.

Released 07 November 2019

In this pre-launch period, it will last 180 days, the cost for each unit is US $ 0.10, after completion it will be US $ 1.


500 unidades de Cayman Coin: U$S 50

1000 Unidades Cayman Coin  : U$S 100

2000 Unidades Cayman Coin  : U$S 200

5000 Unidades Cayman Coin  : U$S 500

Values ​​expressed in US dollars

It will be sent FREE of charge to ALL CAYMAN PPP CORP customers, who have purchased any PPP package in our
company, INCLUSIVE, to the hundreds of online users who have already charged PPPs, they should only open their wallets, for which there is an explanatory video on our website and then send an email to the support area, with their CLIENT email and wallet to which it will be sent

As an example for every 100 dollars paid for the purchase of a PPP, 1000 CAYMAN COIN Free will be sent.

Those who DO NOT OWN any acquired PPP, CAN PARTICIPATE in this LAUNCH, acquiring PACKAGES

from 500 coins, 1000, 2000 or 5000 CAYMAN COIN, to ONLY 0.10 US dollar for each CAYMAN COIN

ONLY in LAUNCH period, then the VALUE will be ONE US DOLLAR.

The VALUATION and CAPITALIZATION process is clearly explained in our WHITE PAPER, which can be downloaded

from our website

You decide your future!