Investments of large corporations within the reach of private investors

Cayman Corporation has economists and attorneys who specialize in the financial sector, primarily in private placement programs. More than thirteen years of experience support us when it comes to working seriously and well organized, and especially when it comes to providing the client with the greatest transparency and efficiency.

The investor will receive a monthly report from one of the most prestigious audits. companies in the world (PricewaterhouseCooper-PwC, Deloitte or Ernst & Young-EY) that will fully detail all the transactions made by the merchant and the profits generated in each
one of them.

Customers enjoy privileged direct access to four (4) of the seven (7) largest licensed Merchants and trading platforms in the world. These are the preeminent merchants and trading platforms in the business; highly qualified and supremely qualified, with all the necessary approvals, license and registrations, and the muscle and "firepower" - to get the job done

Private placement programs or high yield investment programs are private programs based on the purchase / sale of bank financial instruments (mainly MTN).

These instruments are purchased freshly cut at a significant discount in their nominal value and then resold at a higher price in the secondary market. The difference between the sale price and the purchase price is the profit of the trader / investor. These programs are offered to clients with high purchasing power and can only be executed by merchants with a license to carry out such operations. A significant portion of the returns go to humanitarian causes and to finance business projects. Therefore, any institution has priority over this type of operations.